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mySprit (Spritverbrauch, Benzin-, Kostenrechner)

4.8 ( 8308 ratings )
Viajes Estilo de vida
Desarrollador Marius Hellmeier und Joschka Kintscher

You are planning a drive and try to estimate the costs? No problem with myGas!

myGas gives you the possibility to calculate the costs in seconds.Its easy-to-use due to a neat/clear interface

Just provide it the average consumption of your car along with the distance you are going to drive and immediatly find out how much gasoline youll need. In addition to that, you may feed it the current gas price and it determines the costs of your drive at the very same time.

This little tool makes tapping in your calculator unnecessery.


But take a look at "myAlculator"! Just search for "myAlculator" and see, what it can do. Its worth it, especially for drivers! ;-)